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No security without well-functioning judiciary

Latest HSFK-Standpunkt deals with the Security Sector Reform implemented in Guinea under the direction of the UNDP.


An honorary doctorate for Edward Snowden?

In his expert report for the University of Rostock, Harald Müller endorses the proposed conferment of an honorary doctorate to the whistleblower


20 Years after Rwanda. The international "Responsibility to Protect" put to test

Public panel discussion on 9th April addresses success and problems of the international Responsibility to Protect


Highly Enriched Uranium, a Dangerous Substance that Should Be Eliminated

In PRIF Report No. 124 Annette Schaper analyzes threats of highly enriched uranium and possible alternatives


Conditions for successful governance in the conflict between humanitarianism and sovereignty

German Research Foundation supports research project on states' justice claims in multilateral negotiations.

A Twenty-First Century Concert of Powers

Dealing with the issue of a possible Concert of Powers for the twenty-first century the latest HSFK-Report opens the series "1914-2014: Der Erste Weltkrieg - 100 Jahre danach".


Corporate Social Responsibility between global diffusion and localization

PRIF Study No. 25 investigates the social commitment of corporations using the example of the British and the Chinese oil industry.


Palestinian state-building under scrutiny

In HSFK-Report 10/2013 Claudia Baumgart-Ochse analyzes the preconditions for a state-building process in Palestine.


The Question of Self-Determination in International Democracy Promotion

In PRIF Working Paper No. 19 Jonas Wolff discusses the norm of self-determination as a core element of and a difficult challenge to international democracy promotion.


China's air defense identification zone and the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands dispute

In HSFK-Report 9/2013 Peter Kreuzer looks into the conflicts surrounding the establishment of a Chinese air defense identification zone.


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